Baby Names

Now that Renee and I are within 10 weeks of meeting Baby G, it’s time to get serious about names.  Other than my genetics, this will be one of the few things I give my son that will follow him throughout his entire life.  Man, that’s pressure to not screw this up!  What kind of name should I give my son?  A “strong” name like Thor, Magnus, Adonis, Maximillian, Bruno or Nikolai?  Or maybe a “sensitive” name like Jayden, Tristan, Emanuel or Gaston?  Not that I don’t like these names, just a bit on the fringe for my taste.

Maybe I should focus on the most common names for CEO’s as published by LinkedIn – Howard, Peter, Bob, Jack, Bruce or Fred?  Or, it would be kinda cool for him to be a super-star athlete so he can make millions and take care of dear old dad in my old age.  In that case, according to LinkedIn, we should name him Ryan, Matt or Jason.

The most common 2-letter name is Ed.  The most common 10-letter name is Alessandro.

Then there are family names.  Of course, I’m partial to Robert as three generations on my side carry this name.  Renee’s dad is a Robert as well.  Mmmm, maybe a good middle name?

Christopher, Keith, Sonny, Jerry, Daniel are close family names.

Maybe we’ll choose 3 names and meet our son before we decide what name fits best?

Hey parents out there, how did you do it?


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3 Responses to Baby Names

  1. Rafael Garcia says:

    That’s a tough one. For our first child, the debate took us way past the due date and she didn’t have a name for the first couple of days! for our second and third child it was a process of elimination…

    • Michele Arnold says:

      Naming the boys wasn’t THAT difficult although by the third, I was stretching and I found the fourth easiest. Naming, IMHO, also depends on how many you think you may have. If you’re planning on maybe this being the only child, then that makes a HUGE difference, especially if your family has a history of “Robert”‘s and that is important to you… you don’t want to blow it and down the line regret the decision. I know alot of people who go with the first name being the ancestral name and then the middle name a name of personal choice – that way, in the future, all bases are covered :-).
      Here’s my breakdown –
      Michael James (my name, masculine version), father’s first name
      Taylor John (I liked the name Taylor (my son (now 19) hates the name because it is also feminine- something to keep in mind :-)), father’s middle name
      Ryan Christopher (I liked both names – no reference to anyone in the family)
      Andrew Anthony (name started with “A” (a must and I like the name “Drew” although he still goes by Andrew outside of the home), father’s first name) – Andrew’s initials are AAA

      As far as name significance – Michael will graduate from USNA in 2012 and has been early selected to the Navy’s nuclear submarine program. He majors in mechanical engineering and russian. Taylor is majoring in communications and is living at home, attending college full-time and working full-time. Ryan will enter USNA in June 2011 and will be Class of 2015. He’ll probably major in computer engineering. Andrew is 10 and is future is limitless :-).

      Take care and good luck! 🙂

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